Jetbook 7860 Specifications

- Mobile AMD Athlon TM XP Processors Support up to Mobile AMD 512K Cache 2600+

Core Logic
- VIA KN266+VT8235

L2 Cache
- 256/64KB OD

System BIOS
- Insyde 256 KB Flash EPROM (Include System BIOS and VGA BIOS)- ACPI 1.0b; DMI 2.3.1 compliant- Plug & Play capability

- 0MB on board; Expandable up to 1024MB- Expandable with combination of optional 128/256/512 MB memory- 200-pin DDR 266 DRAM Memory Module x2, PC-2100 specification

ROM Drive
- 24X CD ROM Drive, 8X DVD ROM Drive, 16X10X8X24 Combo or above

- 2.5" 9.5 mm height: 20/30/40/60 GB; Support Ultra DMA 66/100

- Optional External USB FDD

- 14.1” XGA TFT Display; Resolution: 1024x768- 15” XGA TFT Display
Video Controller S3 Savage8 GFX Integrate in KN266 Chipset- Support

Multi Monitor
- Support AGP 4X- Sharing System Memory 32 MB

Pointing Device
- Glide pad with 2x buttons and 1x scroll button

- one Type II slot (does not support Zoom Video)

Audio System
- Sound Blaster Pro compatible- AC97 V2.1 Codec- Built-in Mono Microphone - 2X Speaker (w/z sound chamber)

I/O Port
- Bi-directional Parallel Port (EPP/ECP) x 1- USB port (2.0, backward compatible with USB1.1) x 4- RJ-11 port x 1- RJ-45 port x 1 - IR port x 1, complies with IrDA 1.1- DC input x 1- VGA monitor port x1- Audio-out x 1 (S/P DIF)- Mic-in x 1- Hardware Volume Control- S Video TV-Out x 1 (NTSC/PAL)- IEEE1394a x 1- Mini PCI, no serial port

- Built-in 56Kbps V.90 modem- Built-in 10/100 M based-T

Wireless LAN
- Optional internal wireless LAN

AC adapter
- Universal AC adapter 90W ; Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC (support power on charge)

- 9 cell (2000mAH/3.7V) Li-ion standard

Dimensions: 328x274x46~37mm, 12.9"x10.8"x1.8"(rear) ~1.4"(front)

Weight: 3.4 Kg, 7.5lb

- Power Cord, AC Adapter, RJ-11 Phone Cable, Manual, System Driver CD-Title, carrying case

- Support PC2001 Specification, compatible with Windows 2000 & Windows XP


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